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Crowd Research

Are you interested in the issues raised in this website? Would you like to get involved? To make a proper, professional, well argued and robust scientific case for new ideas to solve the hitherto unsolved technologies used by the ancient Egyptian craftsmen needs a lot of individual, but wide-ranging, pieces of data from all sorts of sources.

This is a very time consuming process and therefore working one’s way towards a single theory takes many months. However, if there are lots of people involved in a collective effort, with each person just looking at one small part that is of specific interest to them, then in a very short period of time a huge advancement could be made, and everybody gets to have their name on the final document. Fame for all!

I am therefore setting up a number of these ‘Crowd Research’ projects on this website and all you need to do is read through the individual research projects, find the piece of work you would like to work on and then contact me to register your name and contact details and select your project subject from the list. Your name will appear next to the subject and you can build up your research document and submit it when you have enough data worth sharing.

Obviously, as styles will vary enormously, I will draw all the information into one ever-growing page on this website so you can see how your input is increasing the collective knowledge and your contribution will be fully and publicly acknowledged.

So, if you would like to ‘join the crowd’ then please get in touch!