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BBC’s Immortal Egypt


If you are watching Immortal Egypt on BBC 2 on Monday nights you will see the eminent Egyptologist, Prof. Joann Fletcher showing you, but only in passing, many superb artifacts carved in hard stones while explaining the history of Egypt.

On Monday 4th of January Joann was in the Kings chamber in the great pyramid being amazed at the incredible, perfectly cut, huge granite blocks – some estimated to be 15 tonnes – which vault the long passageway ceiling. She then stopped to focus in on the incredibly fine jointing between theses huge blocks and said they were so perfect that the men who did it “must have been magicians.”

No, the truth is these fine works exist due to the incredibly talented Ancient Egyptian engineers and craftsmen who created them and they clearly had skills and technologies that were far more advanced than what Egyptologists give them credit for. These skilled ancient craftsmen have created artifacts that are so important to the understanding of Ancient Egypt than just the plethora of myths and Gods that seem to fascinate historians and TV producers so much and I hope to redress this balance (with your help) via this website.

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